My cats are pretty different in personalities, and I think it's because one of them is rescued and the other was raised comfortably since birth.

Some notes:

The saved cat is extremely affectionate. Climbs on your chest when you lay down and wraps his arms around your neck, also kneads every part of your body he can get your paws on. He once just crawled up on top of me and fell right asleep. Will eat out of any bowls or off of plates you leave around.

The other one is only somewhat affectionate; he asks for pets and that's it. He'll lay beside you and curl up but that's as close as he'll get. He is very picky about food, won't eat anything wet.


I like iridescent colors. I saw someone blow bubbles and I thought it was neat.


I'm beginning to enjoy drawing again. I think I'm doing pretty well at it, too. The only thing I'm having trouble with at the moment is trying to find an aesthetic or mood I want to convey.

Catallena is really good.

I think I should use my own art for this website. It would feel more authentic to me in the end, but at the same time, I'm not skilled enough to make something on par with the art I currently have. Eh...


I like the way people talk about characters in a cultish sense. I find it fascinating how they glorify the character and have a community surrounding said character, dedicated to works analyzing, interpreting, and adoring them. I guess imageboards and certain reddits are what specifically come to mind when I say that. Anyways, I just like how characters kind of transcend the two dimensional plane and become omnipresent to those who enjoy and indulge their energy into the character.


energy: low
weather: clear

Thinking about urban witches and what that kind of environment would be like.


energy: high
weather: cloudy

Fantasy, specifically old legends/tales/etc. are so cool. I wish I could write something that captures that pure magical feeling like Journey to the West and classic fairytales.


energy: medium
weather: rainy

Just thinking about other cultures. I was reading something involving a Japanese setting and I was a bit surprised at just how much I didn't know about anything I was reading--I had to look up a good portion to understand what was going on. I also learned about 'Christmas cake' and what an izayaka was.


energy: low
weather: clear

Recently, I've realized I don't need attention and in light of that realization, I've also come to terms with the fact that I really do not want exposure. I used to really crave recognition (and fame) to a degree and I'd look up to large artists and try to emulate their work ethics and medians and ideas, but it was so unlike me and my essence that I had to give it up. I feel so stressed trying to draw inspiration from others and it honestly stunted my growth as a creator as well--I had given up trying to make things I like in exchange for things that merely looked better. I'm more confident in my sketches, I've evolved to draw backgrounds, and I'm not afraid to experiment now that I've detached myself from the public sphere. The things I create are firstly for me and secondly for my friends who might be interested.